Heirloom Eating Garlic - 5lbs.
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All heirloom garlic in the US is harvested in June/July Annually, and we will cure it and is ready to ship now. All our eating garlic is sized around 1.5"+ for eating garlic.  

This is 5lb. of Heirloom Eating garlic with FREE SHIPPING.  These are full flavored heirloom garlic with a strong, garlicly flavor when raw and a wonderful classic garlic flavor when cooked. These are great all purpose garlics for all cooking and eating purposes as well as medicinal purposes. These bulbs are usually under 2", and have large cloves and are easy to peel in the kitchen. The cloves are usually the perfect size that fits into a garlic press, but not to small that there are small cloves to peel. If we know the name of the variety of garlic, we will include a label, but many times we have lost track of the variety which is why it becomes eating garlic.  Depending on size of the bulbs, there will be 35-50 bulbs. Since heirloom garlic usually sells out by fall, we recommend getting enough garlic to last your family until early spring.  This garlic will usually store until early spring since it was harvested in July. You can store your garlic in the OPEN box in a pantry, basement, or cupboard where it will get plenty of air flow.  If you still have garlic left around Thanksgiving, you can put your remaining garlic in a brown paperbag and put it in the crisper drawer in the fridge to last until spring.  Keep checking and if the bulbs start to get soft then use them up right away.  Our brochure does have ways to preserve your garlic until next summers harvest.


Remember, eat the larger bulbs first as the smaller bulbs will store longer.   It is best to store the eating garlic, in a brown paper bag in the crisper drawer in the fridge for longer storage.


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Heirloom Eating Garlic - 5lbs.

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