Green Garlic Seed - 1lb.
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Certified Organic organic is sold out for the season, but what is available is green garlic that was grown on organic soil using no chemicals and only organic fertilizers.


Spring Garlic Seeds are very small garlic bulbs about .5”-1” that are planted whole in the fall just like the garlic cloves. In the spring, they emerge as a bunch that look like a bunch of green onions. You will harvest them in the early spring. This rare gourmet treat has a green onion texture with a mild garlic flavor.  They are in season with asparagus and spinach and are great sauteed with them.  They are great addition to any dish cooked or raw needing a garlic oniony flavor.  

They are sold at the markets as an early spring crop, and command about $2-4 per bunch. They add more to your farmers market stand in the early spring and brings customers back all season. There are about 16-20 small bulbs per pound. They may also be larger bulbs that are great for planting whole.  You can also plant the cloves individually and harvest the green garlic as one stalk.  

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Green Garlic Seed - 1lb.

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