Gourmet Garlic Sampler – Medium Flavored Garlics
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This one pound garlic sampler is a great mix of 1.75"-2"+ sized bulbs with about 4-5 different garlic varieties. Yes, these can be used for planting or eating.  These are all hardneck garlics that are known to be medium in flavor that will grow well in most US regions.  We also try, but not guranteed, to get garlics in each of families - Porcelain, Rocambole, Purple Stripe, but some might be on the mild medium or hot medium flavor.

We will also try to send garlic that have short to long storing self-life, so you can have garlic until Spring.  Our labels will indicate which garlics store longer. 


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Gourmet Garlic Sampler – Medium Flavored Garlics

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