Elephant Garlic Bulbs
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Certified Organic is sold out this season, but you can purchase our Elephant Garlic Cloves that has been grown on organic soil with organic fertilizers and no herbicides or pesticides. https://www.store.keeneorganics.com/Elephant-Garlic-Cloves-1lb-ElephantGarlicCloves.htm


Certified Organic 1lb. of Jumbo Sized Elephant Garlic Cloves which is usually 8-11 cloves depending on size.  Each planted clove will yeild a jumbo sized Elephant Garlic Bulb next summer.  Although Elephant Garlic is a Leek, it still is planted and grown the same way regular garlic is, so plant and grow the same way you would regular garlic, but give at least 8-12" spacing between plants.  These grow into 3"+ sized bulbs next season.


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Elephant Garlic Cloves 1lb. Organic

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