California White Softneck - Organic 1/2lb
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California White Softneck Garlic is similar to the strains grown in the Grocery store.  Why grow these if they are common to the grocery store? When you grow these in your garden they have a wonderful rich flavor unlike the grocery store.  They also size up to over 3" bulbs and are very long storing bulbs which should store until next years garlic.  These large, plump bulbs have papery skins and plenty of creamy-white cloves bursting with excellent, spicy-hot flavor. Easy to grow, very productive, adaptable to any climate. Approx. 10-20 cloves per bulb.Remember, the grocery store garlic has been imported from China and grown in conditions that are acceptable to most of us.  So grow your own garlic and know where your food comes from.  These are also great for braiding.  Certified Organic


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California White Softneck - Organic 1/2lb

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