Keene Organics offers BOTH CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND NATURALLY GROWN Gourmet Heirloom Garlic for eating or planting. See pictures and instructions on how easy it is to grow garlic.

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    QUANTITY Garlic is sold in 1/2lb. increments which is usually 4 - 2” bulbs per 1/2lb or 3 – 2.25”+ bulbs per 1/2lb. If you want more than 1/2lb, just increase quantity to the amount you want. We do have price breaks starting at 5lbs. in the “BUY Garlic Bulb Packages” section. A 1/2lb. usually plants a 25” row and will be between 25-40 cloves. See each variety for a better quantity estimate.

    SIZE 2” Bulbs-average, but great size bulbs for planting and eating. 2.25”+ Premium Size Bulbs for planting, which are $1.00 more per 1/2lb.. Under 1.75” bulbs are sold for $2.00 less per 1/2lb and are great for eating. They can be planted too, but will grow into medium sized bulbs. Of course, these are garlic bulb size estimates as garlic does range in size, but the size does not vary by more than ¼” per bulb. If you only want large bulbs, choose the premium size.

    CHOOSE YOUR DESIRED FALL SHIP DATE Most US growers plant around October 15th, thus most choose Early October as a ship date. We will send a tracking email upon shipping.

    SUBSTITUTIONS - On occasion, there may be a crop loss, curing or quality problem on the garlic variety you chose. We still have great garlic available, so please choose: "Substitute similar garlic" where we will chose the closest garlic variety to the one you listed that will grow well in your region. "Call/Email Me" if my garlic variety is not available, so I can choose something else. "See comment section" where you can list garlic varieties and notes in the comment section in the checkout section in case your garlic has a crop loss. "No substitutes" If I can’t get this one, I don’t want anything, so cancel my order.

    Organic "Naturally Grown” is a $1.00 less per 1/2lb. and it is grown the same way our certified organic garlic is grown, but it has not been though the organic certification process. "Certified Organic ONLY" You only want USDA certified organic garlic and require our MOSA organic certificate for your records.


    For wholesale orders or Bulk orders over 50 pounds, please call us 608-215-7599. If you are ordering over 5lbs., see our package prices.

    Calculating Garlic Seed Quantity: One pound of garlic seed equals approx. a 25' row with 4" spacing between plants. For most garlics, expect an optimum 10 lb yield for every lb planted. We sell in 1/2 lb. increments except for garlic packages.

    IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS, ORDERING PLEASE CALL US AT 608-215-7599. Yes, we will answer with a HELLO and you will talk to the actual garlic growers (no receptionist or ending up in limbo-land pressing numbers to end up in India.) If by chance you go to voice mail, leave a message, and we will call you back as soon as we can.

    Assured Quality: We rigorously inspect our garlic when it is growing in the field, during harvest, through post-harvest, and before selling or shipping. We send samples to the University of Wisconsin's disease and pest laboratories to make sure the garlic is free from potential problems and diseases and to ensure it meets our standards. If it does not meet our standards, we do not sell it!

    Return and Refunds: We can't absolutely guarantee our garlic will perform for you. There are too many variables in gardening or farming. We can tell you we get a lot of emails from happy customers impressed with the quality of our garlic and how well it has performed for them. However, if you are unhappy with our bulbs size or quality, we will gladly refund your money on the simple condition that you return the garlic to us within 7 days of receiving our shipment. Our liability in such instances will be strictly limited to the actual cost of the garlic plus the shipping charges. We assume no liability for freeze damage to garlic shipped after October 15th nor for any kind of damage after you plant the garlic.

    Shipping: We are trying to ship garlic to you in the least expensive way possible. We usually ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS) using Priority Mail which usually arrives in 2-3 days and provides shipment tracking. Since the post office is already delivering mail to you, we feel this is the most environmental conscious shipping method. If you choose UPS GROUND, it will cost more, since they add a surcharge to pick up an order from a rural area.

    Garlic Your Way: We want to give you choices in purchasing the garlic you want and in the quantities you want. We can take personal orders to get you garlic in the variety and quantity you would like. An easy way to do this is to order the 1 pound Garlic Package. Here you order 1 pound and once you place your order please complete the comment section of the type of garlic you want. You may also place an order by phone (608)215-7599 or email us at keene@keeneorganics.com

    See our packages for a price reduction on larger quantities.

    We thank you for supporting our organic farm. It's customers like you that keeps family farms alive!

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